Linger with each moment

Cher Rae Arts


Cher Are Arts is dedicated to expressing sensuality and movement through minimalist line work uncluttered by details of colour, shadow or place. Created to reclaim the class and elegance of the human form, every illustration has a name and a story.

Love, Cher Rae
Grace - CherRaeArts
$30.00 Grace
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Joy - CherRaeArts
$30.00 Joy
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Lucy - CherRaeArts
$30.00 Lucy
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Ava - CherRaeArts
$30.00 Ava
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Grace - Long Sleeve - CherRaeArts
$25.00 Grace - Long Sleeve
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Joy - Dolman T - CherRaeArts
$25.00 Joy - Dolman T
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Lucy - Dolman T - CherRaeArts
$30.00 $25.00 Lucy - Dolman T
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Ava - Tank Top - CherRaeArts
$25.00 Ava - Tank Top
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