Who is Cher Rae?

Oh hello that would be me, pleased to meet you.

My art is an observation of life. Simple life drawings of black and white lines stripped of the busy-ness that distracts from being in the moment. Each line is meticulously crafted to flow into the space around it. The curves of the lines suggest the sentiment. There is no need for light or shadow. Playful splashes of colour may be added in a rare occasion to convey a secondary message in the moment.

Every image is created to reclaim the grace, strength and elegance of a moment. Many of these images are of women. Their names are a reflection of the sentiment in that moment not of the person who inspired it.  Not one of these images posted here are self-portraits -- I keep those to myself. 

I am a modern renaissance woman, mother, artist, Yogi, Judoka and analyst. Cher Rae Arts is not my career; it is my passion. It is how I choose to reflect back the beauty I see the world and the women I encounter who may not always see it in themselves. 

My family calls me Sherry and my life cheerleader BFF calls me Cher. Cher Rae is my way of acknowledging the people who've always seen the best in me. My work is screen-printed using socially responsible materials in collaboration with women entrepreneurs. Each printed piece is always hand signed and numbered by me. 

As with anyone, there is more to my story.  Pour a tea or a glass of wine and I'll be glad to share back what you share with me. 

Love, Cher Rae